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Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Payment Online Calculator

  • Calculate how much your mortgage will be based loan amount, mortgage rate, and loan term. We also provide a free amortization schedule.

Prepayment Mortgage Online Calculator

  • Compare how much you will save over the long run by paying down your principal early. We also provide a free amortization schedule

Mortgage Affordability Online Calculator

  • Not sure how much money you need to make to afford your dream home? This calculator includes loan term, mortgage rate, mortgage amount, taxes, and additional expenses you might have

Mortgage Qualification Online Calculator

  • Calculate how big of a loan you can qualify for based on mortgage rates, loan length, taxes, insurance, income, and other monthly debt.

Discount Point Mortgage Online Calculator

  • Not sure if you should pay discount points on your mortgage loan?

Mortgage Refinance Online Calculator

  • Compare your current mortgage rate with a new lower rate. See how much you can save!

Mortgage Tax Deduction Online Calculator

  • Calculate how much you will be able to deduct from your taxes with a new or current mortgage loan.

Biweekly Mortgage Online Calculator

  • Calculate how much you can save by making biweekly payments instead of just monthly payments

Mortgage Interest Rate Online Calculator

  • Take your current interest add in your additional costs and figure out your monthly mortgage payment, your real APR rate, and year-length term.

Interest Only Mortgage Online Calculator

  • Calculate your monthly savings with an interest only loan.