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Your home is one of the biggest financial purchases you will ever make, and we want to make sure you find the right loan.  We work with mortgage brokers and lenders all over the nation to make sure we find you the right rate, loan and terms that will allow you to reach all of your financial goals.

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Home Purchase Loans

If you are buying your first home, second or vacation property – we have a full range of loans that can fit any budget or credit score.  There are a couple of things you might want to consider when choosing your home purchase loan.

  1. How much can you afford each month – use our quick online mortgage calculator to find out much home you really can afford.
  2. What is your down payment – we have 0 down options, but interest rates will be higher.  If you can put down 5, 10, or even 20% down your interest rate will drop.
  3. What is your credit score – If you have a 700 FICO, or a 620 FICO we have loan programs that can fit any credit level, but the higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate.
  4. What are taxes in your area – taxes can add a significant amount to your monthly payment.  Make sure to know what these will be.



Refinancing is a great way to help you save money and lower your monthly payments.  If you have thought about refinancing, but don’t know where to start we can help.

  1. When to refinance – if rates have dropped by 2% or more since you got your first mortgage you should think about refinancing.
  2. If your credit score has gone up – if your credit score was less than perfect when you got your first mortgage, refinancing after a few years could save you a ton of money.
  3. Paying off high interest credit cards – if you currently have credit cards with interest rates over 16%, it probably a good time to think about refinancing that debt.  Mortgage rates are still low so you can lower your overall interest rate and lower your monthly payments.
  4. Refinancing from an ARM or Interest only to a Fixed Rate – if your ARM or Interest only loan is about to mature, you should probably lock in a 30 year fixed mortgage while rates are still low.

No mater what your mortgage needs might be – we are here to help and educate you about one of the biggest decisions most people make.