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United Mortgage Group

United Mortgage Group is a Tulsa owned mortgage lending company that is owned and operated by David Hunter.  He founded the company in 1999.

At United Mortgage Group your mortgage representative will take the time to discuss your unique financial needs.  At United Mortgage, they understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and that becoming a homeowner is probably the most important financial decision many people will make.  Therefore it only makes sense that they find you a great mortgage program and tailor it to fit your needs.

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Loans Funded by United Mortgage Group

  • First Mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Stated Income—This loan works especially well for the self employed.  Quite frequently the self employed do not have the documentation that is necessary for other traditional loans.  This loan foregoes some of the traditional questions asked on a mortgage application, and gives the potential borrower the benefit of the doubt.  This loan often requires excellent credit sores and comes with higher interest rates.
  • Troubled Credit History—Don’t let your troubled credit history effect your future.  Even if you have had foreclosure or bankruptcy in the past, United Mortgage is willing to work with you.  Make an appointment to speak with a mortgage representative.  Together you can find a mortgage program that will help get you back in the circle of homeownership.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

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Recent United Mortgage Group News

United Mortgage has recently moved into a brand new office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Their new office has a state of the art computer system, an experienced processing team, and an unlimited opportunity for new business.  Since their move, they have noticed that they have a few extra vacant cubicles.  If you are in the mortgage industry, or are interested in becoming part of it, contact United Mortgage.

United Mortgage has also won some awards in their area.  They were recently recognized as Mortgage Broker of the Year for the Tulsa area.

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