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Patriot Mortgage

Patriot Mortgage is a particularly unique mortgage lending company.  It was founded in 1993 with the following mission: to help veterans obtain their Veterans Administration loan or help them refinance their VA loan.  At the time of the company’s inception, this was a novel idea.  Before then, Veterans had to shop lenders to get their VA loan, and many veterans did not understand the process they had to undergo to obtain their loan.  On top of that, many lenders did not understand all the details of the Veterans Administration Loan process.

Therefore, a company called Veteran  Real Estate created a subsidiary company called Patriot Mortgage.  Veteran Real Estate was already dedicated to helping the Veteran buyer find a home, s it only made sense that they create a company that would help the Veteran finance the purchase of that home.  Thus, the Veteran’s One Stop Shop for Home and Loan was formed.

Patriot Mortgage is located in Lancaster California.

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Loans Funded by Patriot Mortgage

Patriot Mortgage only offers two mortgage loans, and both are considered Veterans Administration Products.

  • VA Purchase Loan—This loan is available to all US Veterans.  This loan does not require a down payment.  It funds 100% of your home purchase with a single mortgage (many other 100% financing programs require a combination of two loans).  It also offers veterans very low interest rates, and the opportunity to buy a home with literally no money out of pocket since closing costs are covered by the buyer.
  • VA Refinance—This loan simply allows veterans to refinance for a lower interest rate.  All they need to supply their mortgage broker with is a copy of their DD214 and an original Certificate of Eligibility.

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Recent Patriot Mortgage News

Patriot Mortgage is proud to offer many free services for all Veterans.  They offer free pre-qualification, a free pre-qualification letter, free TRW, and free credit counseling.

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