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Realty & Mortgage Co.

With 100 years experience in the Chicago real estate market, Realty & Mortgage Co. has been providing its clients with the finest property management services available since the days of the horse and buggy. Over the years, they have earned a concrete reputation as an honest and attentive full-service real estate firm

Today, they continue to take pride in the services they provide as well as the high quality of their properties. They have enjoyed a high tenant retention rate throughout their history, and understand that their success is based on the complete satisfaction of their clients.

Loans Funded by Realty & Mortgage Co.

Realty & Mortgage Co. currently manages 6,000 apartment units and over 750,000 square feet of commercial space. Located throughout the Chicago area, their properties are extremely diverse physically and geographically. If you are in the market for rental real estate, they probably have something that meets your exact needs.

As asset managers, their goal is to increase the value of properties in their portfolio by providing professional property management services, and by continually searching for ways to enhance market positioning. They achieve this goal through attention to detail, market knowledge, and responsive service. Their staff regularly counsels clients on topics such as acquisition, capital improvement, refinancing, and disposition.

They draw on 100 years of experience in managing their widely diverse portfolio. Their residential communities include stately historic buildings, urban highrises, and sprawling suburban complexes, all of which attract high quality tenants who have come to expect superior service. Property owners of all types of real estate appreciate their knowledge of preventive maintenance, mechanical systems, risk management, and competitive bidding processes.
In commercial real estate, no other organization responds to the needs of both tenants and owners better than Harold D. Rider & Associates. By closely monitoring operations and providing a wide range of corporate services, they create working environments that benefit both owners and tenants.

When they restore and preserve worthwhile architectural features and modernize mechanical systems, their goals are twofold: added value and improved marketability. Their redevelopment experience enables rehabilitated properties to regain the competitive edge in their respective markets, and to generate maximum financial benefits to ownership over the long term.
Their expertise in adaptive reuse of older buildings is well known. They preserve the best features of historic landmarks and other existing structures, while working within the framework of their intended new use. To the extent possible, and by using the best available construction techniques, they retain the integrity of the original architectural design.

They strive for excellence in each of their projects and have been recognized by some of the industry’s leading organizations for their efforts. For their work on the Aurora Hotel, The Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois presented us with a Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Outstanding Leadership in Preservation. Additionally, the Chicago Association of Realtors has recognized their projects by presenting us with several of its “Good Neighbor” Awards.

Their rehabilitation projects take maximum advantage of all applicable income tax incentives, as well as the best financing programs available.

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