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Pacific Mortgage Consultants

Pacific Mortgage Consultants is recognized as one of the leading mortgage companies in California, with over 15 years of experience in the lending industry. The company has relationship with over 150 of the leading mortgage lenders. Currently Pacific Mortgage brokers more than $1 billion a year and has over 125 agents.

Loans Funded by Pacific Mortgage Consultants

What makes Pacific Mortgage different is they give all their agents the full commission on a mortgage loans minus a small flat fee on each transaction. This fee, they believe, is a fair amount of money for a company to charge to cover their expenses and make a profit. Just enough to keep the company going, all the rest goes to the agent.

Pacific Mortgage believes that their program gives agents the incentive to open more loans. It gives them more money for advertising and marketing which can increase sales. If one were to sit down and figure out how much of each dollar an average mortgage agent was keeping, it is very small. Consider the 20-40% the company takes off the top, in addition to the agents own marketing expenses, advertising, federal taxes, state taxes, and self-employment taxes. Pacific Mortgage’s goal is to hire agents and help them increase their income. This will give the company itself a better chance to make a profit.

Pacific Mortgage have been offering 100% commission for some time now and all of the agents on this program are happy with the company. They have the ability to assist the agents with anything they need. The company will only hire agents who have been in the business for two or more years and have a proven track record. They are approved with over 150 lenders, offer processing if needed, and have marketing assistance available.

Owner Frank Cunnane and his team specialize in estate planning and mortgage refinancing for property owners throughout the state of California. They can give a borrower the best advice on how to use their home as leverage to pay off high interest debts, get involved in investment property or assess financial risks. They take a very personal approach to their work and focus on meeting each client’s individual needs. They’ll immediately be able to tell a client what kind of programs they do and do not qualify for and which will best help them achieve their financial goals.

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