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National City Mortgage Co.

National City Mortgage is a division of National City Bank of Indiana.  National City Mortgage Co., operating as the company’s servicing affiliate, is a subsidiary of National City Bank of Indiana. Having worked hard since 1955 to become respected, professionals that thousands of homeowners trust for one of the biggest financial decisions in their lives.  Over the years, National City has been through several acquisitions and name changes. Eventually they emerged as a mortgage banking leader due to the efforts of dedicated employees.

Loans Funded by National City Mortgage Co.

National City Mortgage has been part of National City Corporation since 1989. Since then National City Corporation has made a commitment to help the company grow and develop a strong, well-placed network of mortgage offices. This includes the retail and wholesale acquisitions of Gem Mortgage Corporation, Merchants National Bank, Integra Mortgage Company, Commonwealth United Mortgage, FNMC-The Mortgage Company, Eastern Mortgage Services, First of America, AccuBanc Mortgage, and Muirfield Mortgage.

National City Mortgage is a unique mortgage lender with the financial strength and stability that makes them the 9th largest mortgage originator in the nation. This ranking was earned in fiscal year 2004 when they managed to fund over $65 billion dollars worth of loans.

The company specializes in originating residential mortgage loans through the retail, wholesale and telemarketing channels. National City’s mortgage operations originate, acquire, market and service those loans. National City Mortgage Co.’s servicing portfolio is over $165 billion representing over 1.1 million mortgage loans, as of December 31, 2004.

With a servicing portfolio representing more than a million mortgage loans, National City Mortgage is one of the nation’s top mortgage originators, sellers, and servicers. The wholly owned subsidiary of superregional bank National City Corporation originates conforming loans to borrowers in good standing through some 300 offices in 37 states, as well as though joint ventures with realtors, homebuilders, and community banks, and at National City bank branches. They service the continental U.S. through direct-to-consumer telephone and Internet Preferred Lending Centers in Miamisburg, Ohio and Santa Rosa, California.

Recent National City Mortgage News

National City Mortgage Co. has recently selected a specialized software suite to help their business overall. The XB Suite 2004 XML data exchange solution as the primary technology for generating XML data from their iSeries applications. XB Suite, developed by Belgian-based Invenso and distributed in the United States by eCube Systems, enables companies to seamlessly connect iSeries-based applications and business logic to desktop, web-based, and external applications.

National City Mortgage exchanges data with several third-party vendors on a daily basis to assist in the customer loan verification process. To further streamline the process, since implementing XB Suite, the company has been able to communicate with a broad selection of third-party vendors in a timely manner.

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