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Midland Mortgage Co.

Midland Mortgage Co. was organized by Oklahoma City businessmen on August 31, 1950. Since that time, this growing mortgage banking firm has become one of the leading purchasers of mortgage loan servicing rights in the country.  Still based in Oklahoma City, Midland currently serves approximately 300,000 customers throughout the United States. Providing efficient and effective servicing for our loan customers, we are continually improving to benefit our customers through financial stability and security, as well as safeguarding their privacy.

Loans Funded by Midland Mortgage Co.

In 1982, Midland was joined by sister company MidFirst Bank, and in 1993 the MidFirst Bank Loan Center was created specifically to assist Midland customers with their home financing needs. Today, MidFirst Bank has 39 banking centers in Oklahoma and a statewide network of ATMs.

The Midland Mortgage company is under the umbrella of the Midland Group. Along with the Mellon Mortgage company and Midfirst Bank, the Midland Mortgage company provides national lending opportunities.

The Midland Mortgage website does its best to inspire confidence in the prospective borrower. The loans available are displayed, as well as the interest rates and payment options. Midland Mortgage also offers a loan guarantee, where if the interest rate of the loan or mortgage you are currently using is higher than another institutes, the will pay you four hundred dollars. The terms and limitations of this offer were not listed, neither was a available option if the result of the higher interest between loans was more than four hundred dollars. The online forms available to apply or pre qualify for a mortgage are assuredly safe and secure. One thing that does not inspire confidence about the website is that it is essentially unusable if the customer is using a browser other than Internet Explorer. With the emphasis today on being safe and secure online, a malfunctioning website is a liability for any company.

Customer complaints with Midland Mortgage have been few, but not non-existent. One complaint was particularly alarming, accusing Midland Mortgage of ruining the customers life and stealing her home. The case went to court, and after loosing a court battle, Midland Mortgage used obviously underhanded tactics to get back at the borrower by making fraudulent claims against her and then using those claims as justification to foreclose on her home.

The company handles thousands of loans and mortgages, and to only have one complaint is generally a good sign.

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