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Fieldstone Mortgage Co.

The Fieldstone Mortgage Company, originates residential mortgages across the United States. Fieldstone Mortgage Company, one of the nation’s leading non-conforming lenders, originates loans through wholesale and retail channels through its network of thousands of independent mortgage brokers and its branch offices located throughout the country. Fieldstone employs a full staff of highly qualified individuals and has as its senior officers a number of seasoned mortgage banking and capital markets professionals who average more than twenty years’ experience each in the mortgage industry. Since its founding, Fieldstone has been one of the fastest growing mortgage lenders, offering a broad range of flexible mortgage solutions to serve almost any borrower.

Loans Funded by Fieldstone Mortgage Co.

Fieldstone Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Fieldstone Investment co. Fieldstone Investment co is a fully integrated mortgage banking company that has elected to be taxed as a real estate investment trust. Fieldstone originates, sells and services non-conforming and conforming single-family residential mortgage loans secured primarily by first liens and retains a portion of its high-quality non-conforming residential mortgage loans to build and manage an investment portfolio.

The two companies hope to cover most of the investment market share by offering a wide array of loan products to their customers enabling them to have access to a larger number of prospective borrowers and brokers and maintain a high volume of loan originations. This would give the mortgage and investment companies access to both individual and corporate clients that would not feel as comfortable dealing with a single large corporation that dealt with mortgage and larger lending. This tactic is common now, with many of the larger banks and lending institutions acquiring or creating smaller mortgage companies to service individual clients who may feel intimidated by larger companies.

Recent Fieldstone Mortgage Co. News

Fieldstone Investment Corporation announced that its wholly owned operating subsidiary, Fieldstone Mortgage Company had consummated the sale of certain personal property and contract rights pertaining to a number of wholesale and retail offices that were operated by FMC’s former conforming mortgage lending division, operating under the “dba” of Broad Street Mortgage Co. to Wausau Mortgage Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of privately held The Sunset Companies, L.P.  The transaction, which was originally announced by the parties on January 16, 2006, includes the division headquarters office, located in San Antonio, Texas and certain former conforming division wholesale and retail offices.  The remaining Broad Street retail offices have been converted to Fieldstone retail branches, offering both conforming and non-conforming mortgage loan products, and will no longer use a “dba” of Broad Street Mortgage Co.

In regards to its own branches, Fieldstone Mortgage Company will be changing the name of nine of its east coast retail branch offices to operate as Fieldstone Mortgage Company beginning March 1, 2006 and will no longer use a “dba” of Broad Street Mortgage Co. for these branches.

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