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Decision One Mortgage Co.

Decision One Mortgage is a wholesale lender in the non- conforming residential sector of the mortgage industry. This business-to- business company began in February 1996 and has become a national organization with 22 branch offices with more than 1,100 full-time employees.

The company states that its number one goal is to build lasting partnerships with our mortgage Brokers and Correspondents. The size of the companies Decision One works with range from small one-person brokerage operations to large multi-state lending offices. Regardless of the brokerage size, however, decision one mortgage’s  corporate strategies are the same – always get the best loan for the consumer.

Decision One in the Mortgage Community

Recently consumers have benefited from the competitive environment created through mortgage brokers, Decision One knows that consumers must still be protected in the future. As a Double Platinum Industry Partner with the NAMB, Decision One often collaborates with other Brokers on a national level to develop solutions from both business and legislative perspectives. Working together, they protect consumers while keeping the benefits of a competitive market. Having an honorary seat on the NAMB Board of Directors involves discussion on agenda items such as Prepayment Penalties, Yield Spread Premiums, RESPA and TIL Re-engineering.

Decision One is a member of the NHEMA, the only association devoted solely to the non-conforming mortgage industry. NHEMA fosters, maintains and enhances the home equity lending industry’s ability to provide consumers access to mortgage credit in a fair and ethical manner.

Recent Decision One News

In 1999, Household International, a Fortune 500 Company, purchased Decision One Mortgage because of its successful market presence and financial performance in the non-conforming lending market.

In March 2003, Household joined the HSBC Group. HSBC is an acronym for its founding company, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Headquartered in London, HSBC was established in 1865 to finance trade between China and Europe. In joining HSBC, Decision One Mortgage gained the backing of one of the strongest worldwide financial companies and the second largest bank in the world. Overall, Decision One mortgage company benefits from a strong market stand and impressive corporate and financial backing.

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