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Concord Mortgage Company

Concord Mortgage Company has been in operation since 1989 in the state of Arizona. A knowledgeable service provider since its origin they also deliver exceptional customer service. In 1995 Concord Mortgage added a banking division (Premier Banking) to its fold in their continued effort to provide outstanding products and services. Concord Mortgage currently serves 31 states in various capacities, from broker and lender to wholesale lender only. Rhett Johnson is Chief Executive Officer of Concord Mortgage and it has been his mission to be at the forefront of the lending industry. To accomplish this Mr. Johnson has assembled a dedicated staff committed to the goal of home ownership. They feel that they have the commitment and products to find a loan to fit almost any lending situation.

Loans Funded by Concord Mortgage Company

  • 100% Stated Purchase
  • 105% Purchase–finance the closing costs!
  • 95% No Ratio–only bank statement and job history required
  • 95% No Doc–don’t disclose anything!
  • 100% Second Home
  • 100% Investor Purchase
  • 100% Purchase Less than Perfect Credit
  • 90% 1st Mortgage Seller Carryback
  • 100% Purchase Sub-Prime
  • 100% Post Bankruptcy Discharge
  • 80% 1st Mortgage Seller Carryback
  • 100% Collection, Charge-Offs, Late Payments

Obviously Concord Mortgage has a lot to offer for the credit weakened borrower. They offer the full range of loan regular products as well. Concord Mortgage offers some unusual construction options including an option for the purchase of a model home in a new subdivision which is then rented back to the builder as a show home until the subdivision is complete! They are very creative. They have many programs for the first time buyer and of course subscribe to all the community development loans available in the areas they serve. Concord Mortgage accepts online applications and has an e-mail contact form available on their website. Of course they accept phone calls.

Recent Concord Mortgage Company News

In August of 2005 Rhett Johnson CEO of Concord Mortgage proved that he and his company can give back to the community. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale appointed him to its board of governors, one of two volunteer leadership groups that guide the organization’s operation.

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