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Capital Mortgage Company

Capital Mortgage Company opened in October 1996 and is based out of Austin, Texas. The company is operated by Jannette Woods as President. She has over 15 years experience in mortgage lending and several years in banking.  Capital Mortgage Company offers custom solutions for every residential mortgage financing situation. Whatever the customer’s residential financing needs, they can tailor a loan that’s right for you.

Loans Funded by Capital Mortgage Co.

Capital Mortgage Company is primarily interested in providing home finance to individuals, rather than offering a broader spectrum of financial services. The company consists of two loan officers, Janet Woods and Donna Roberts. With only two employees devoted to financial services, the company ranks as one of the smallest mortgage companies. The competition for Capital Mortgage Company is independent realtors who have become licensed mortgage brokers. Their small size means that while they may not be able to offer the wide range of financial services of larger mortgage companies, one can be assured that the service and attention one receives from Capital mortgage will be more personal than dealing with a larger company.

Recent Capital Mortgage News

There are no known complaints or lawsuits against the Capital mortgage company, which in the loan and finance industry is a good sign. Of course, this may be a result of the size of the company not being large enough for legal battles or customer complaints to be considered newsworthy.

They do not offer online applications through their website, which is unusual. Although they do offer rate tracking, payment calculations, amortization schedule, mortgage terms and a list of the required documents for mortgage applications.

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