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Aurora Mortgage Co.

Many home buyers look to Aurora Mortgage Co., a company that represents, for some, the realization of the American Dream. Aurora Mortgage Co., is a subsidiary company of investment bank and brokerage Lehman Brothers, and  through that company’s Lehman Brothers Bancorp unit, originates and services primarily first- and second-lien residential mortgage loans. Aurora also helps borrowers refinance existing residential mortgages.

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This company is not without its troubles though, there have been several complaints brought against Aurora which warn against placing too much trust in the companies business practices.

Lawsuits regarding divorce proceedings and mortgage loans have been brought against the company, accusing them of engaging in knowingly illegal business practices in attempts to foreclose on a property.

Others complain of being lied to or having false fees applied to their loans in an attempt to harm their personal credit status.

Yet more complaints exist about Aurora Loan Services attempting to fraudulently collect back taxes on loans and mortgages, despite records showing that such collections are not within their rights.

Despite their track record, and impressive market share, Aurora Mortgage company has made its fair share of enemies. While this is hardly surprising in regards to other businesses, the number of complaints and the variation in the type of complaint which are made by customers of the company is a warning flag. The company itself promises one of the fastest response times in the industry, not only in regards to loan applications but to customer service issues as well. Boasting the use of cutting edge business software designed to assist both loan officers and customers in the resolution of complaints, one would expect to find far fewer reports of company misconduct or customer mistreatment. This not being the case suggests that Aurora have several issues that need to be dealt with regarding the quick and satisfactory resolution of serious customer complaints and grievances.

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