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Anchor Mortgage

Anchor Mortgage opened their first office in 1997 in Clarksville Tennessee. Since then, they have expanded with an additional office in Clarksville and one in Hermitage. Their primary mission is to “deliver the most personal service while providing the best home financing solutions”. Anchor Mortgage is proud to say they are locally owned and operated, which is mirrored in their motto: “We live here too.” They say they are the lender the customer can trust.

Anchor Mortgage does not have an online application process!  The prospective borrower must speak with a representative directly to apply for a loan.  Their website does provide a tutorial about their loan process, useful for any potential customer.  They divide the process into several steps.  The first (and perhaps most daunting!) is to organize one’s documents.  Next one must get qualified for a loan.  This determines the borrowing power of the client.  Then comes the fun part, house hunting! Find the house of your dreams.  Because the client has been prequalified, he knows just what his limits are and what sort of house to look for.  Now for the nitty gritty. Apply for that loan.  Get the docs together and get the ball rolling.  Anchor’s loan processor and loan officers will stay with their client the entire way, offering advice and encouragement.  Closing the loan is the second to last step. After the loan funds (shortly after signing the loan documents), all that is left to do is to move in!

Loans Funded by Anchor Mortgage

Anchor Mortgage is willing to work with customers who have less than perfect credit, as well as those with very good and excellent credit.  They offer a full range of mortgage options, including:

  • VA Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • Fixed Rate Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Loans
  • Conventional Loan Programs
  • Interest Only Loan Programs
  • Refinance Program

Anchor will work tirelessly with their customers to find a funding solution that works for their client.  Even if the customer is merely curious about his options, the loan professionals at Anchor Mortgage will take the time to answer his questions.  Anchor’s loan consultants are experienced and dedicated.  Anchor Mortgage encourages its clients to refer a friend.

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