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American Mortgage Company

American Mortgage Company would like to give its customers a loan with the lowest rates and fastest service in the state of Mississippi.  Whether purchasing or refinancing owner Jay Jones is committed to providing his clients with expedient hassle-free service.  The original business start date of American Mortgage Co. is  January of 1996 and their date of incorporation is March of 1998.  There have been no customer complaints reported against American Mortgage in the past three years.

One may apply for one of American Mortgage’s many loans online or through one of its offices.  The application itself is short and to the point.  American Mortgage asks the borrower to fill out an objectives form with his application.  This allows the borrower to state just what he intends to do or accomplish with his loan.  By analyzing the customer’s objectives and comparing them to the loan options, American Mortgage can arrive at the perfect funding fit for its customers.

Loans Funded by American Mortgage Company

Some of the myriad of loan options offered by American Mortgage are listed below:

  • 107%
  • 103%
  • 100% (no mortgage insurance)
  • 100% (With Mortgage Insurance)
  • 100% (Stated Income)
  • 100% Combo-(1st Mortgage plus line of credit)
  • 100% Combo (Good, but not perfect credit)
  • 100% Purchase (80/20 combo, interest only first)
  • 100%  non-Conforming ( Less than average credit score)
  • 97% (Good credit)
  • 97%  (less than perfect credit)
  • 95% Purchase (Interest only loan up to $400,000.00)
  • 95% (No ratio-debt ratio can be 100%)
  • 95%  (self employed-less than perfect credit)
  • 90%  Purchase (Interest only loan up to $500,000.00)
  • 90% (no income, no asset-good credit)
  • 90% (No income, no asset, good but not perfect credit)
  • 80/15/5  (No Mortgage Insurance)
  • 70% Jumbo Purchase (Interest only loan up to $2,500,000.00)
  • FHA and VA
  • Mississippi Bond Programs: they offer all the programs sponsored by the Mississippi Home Corporation.
  • Loans for Re-financing your home:
  • 107%
  • 100%
  • 95% (Rate and Term)
  • 90% (Cash Out)
  • Combo (1st plus Line of Credit up to 90% Combined Loan to Value)
  • Lines of Credit also available up to 125%
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs–both Ameridream and Nehemiah

American Mortgage informs its potential customers of the costs of a loan, outlining both the closing costs and the pre-paid costs. Closing costs include lender fees, title insurance, inspection fees, etc. and generally run between 2% and 3% of the loan amount. The prepaid costs are the costs that one incurs in setting up an escrow account. These are generally 1% of the loan amount. Prospective clients may contact American Mortgage by e-mail or phone.

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