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Aames Mortgage

Aames Mortgage was founded in 1954 and specializes in helping those who don’t exactly fit the usual mortgage criteria of most lenders.  Aames is committed to making a difference in peoples lives by aiding those with less than perfect credit to achieve their dream of home ownership.  Buyers who don’t qualify for the prime rates turn to Aames because they specialize in subprime lending.  (Subprime loans are offered at a rate slightly above prime to those whose credit rating doesn’t qualify them for the lower rate.)  With more than 90 offices throughout the US, they offer competitive rates and friendly, fast service.  Aames relies on direct mailings to homeowners, telemarketing and internet generated leads.  Aames Investment’s direct mail invites potential borrowers to call the company to apply for a loan. Aames Investment also generates leads through several commercially available Internet sites, as well as through its own retail Internet Website  They also offer business opportunities for mortgage specialists.  Aames Financial sells the loans it generates to its parent company and retains the servicing rights, so the borrower will still deal with Aames for the life of the loan.  Aames Mortgage is proud of the fact that its Home Equity loans have allowed kids to go to college, homes to be improved and financial worries to be relieved.  They feel that they’ve earned people’s trust by trusting them first and pride themselves on their customer service.

Loans Funded by Aames Mortgage

Loans may be applied for online or in person.  Aames offers a rapid credit pre-qualifier so the borrower will know right away which kind of loan matches his credit profile.  They also promise a quick turnaround on the completed loan package.   Aames also uses the latest technologies to protect the borrower’s privacy.

Recent Aames Mortgage News

In November 2004, Aames Investment completed its reorganization with Aames Financial Corporation, formerly its parent company, and two of its wholly owned subsidiaries.  In January of 2006, Aames Investment Corporation announced a restructuring of its corporate management team in order to better align its infrastructure with the current market environment.  Aames will also introduce more stringent loan pricing and eliminate loan products that have become unprofitable.

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