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1st Metropolitan Mortgage Co.

First metropolitan mortgage company is located in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. And is able to lend in the following states: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indianan, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Loans Funded by 1st Metropolitan Mortgage Co.

Other Lending Programs offered by 1st Metropolitan Mortgage Co.

10% down on Investment or Rental properties
These are popular with the investment buyer who wants to put a minimal amount down. These differ from conforming rate loan in that a slightly higher interest rate is typically charged.

100% Financing
These are available to borrowers with good history but no money available for down payment. In some versions of this loan, the mortgage closing fees are included in the loan amount and there is no mortgage insurance.

2% Down
This program allows qualified borrowers with 2% of their own money to purchase a new home at the lowest possible conforming interest rates.  This program is actually a 95% loan, where the additional 3% can come from a gift, grant, or unsecured loan.  This is a great program for first time home buyers.

3% Down FNMA
This program was designed to assist moderate income first time home buyers.  The program allows more flexibility to help borrowers qualify.  The borrower is required to complete a Home Buyer Education Course offered at no charge and can be completed at home.

5% Down Primary or Second Home Purchase
They offer a wide variety of programs for a primary purchase and can even offer 5% financing on a second home for qualified borrowers.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
For borrowers who wish to keep their first mortgage in place and use their equity for debt consolidations, purchase other properties, or home improvements, etc..  Some programs allow up to 100% combined (1st and 2nd mortgage loans) to appraised value.

3% down payment with no geographic or income restrictions.  The down payment can be a gift, grant or can come from an employer.  Debt ratio is based on overall profile.  The interest rate is a conventional conforming fixed rate.

No Equity 125-145% LTV Programs
These programs are designed for borrowers with very good credit that need cash for home improvements, debt consolidation or major purchases

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