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Lighthouse Mortgage

The Lighthouse Mortgage Service Company, Inc. has been working in the mortgage business since it was founded in 1990. The Lighthouse Mortgage company is run as a family operation which spans two generations. The family atmosphere works well for the company, and experience is hardly a problem with over seventy years of combined mortgage industry experience contained in the employees. The company also has deep roots in the real estate industry, with a combined 93 years of real estate experience as well. The Lighthouse Mortgage company recognizes that the mortgage industry and the real estate industry are only separated by a fine line, and they bring their real estate experience to bear on the loan programs and mortgage industry dealings.

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Loans Funded by Lighthouse Mortgage

  • Conventional Loans
  • FHA and VA Loans
  • Conforming Loans
  • Non-Conforming/ JUMBO Loans
  • Adjustable Loans (ARM’s)
  • Balloon Loans
  • Buy Down Programs
  • No Income Loans, with as little as 5% down
  • Full No Documentation Loans, with as little as 10% down
  • Cash Out Loans
  • Cash Out Investor Property Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Programs
  • Bad Credit Loans (B,C,D, – Z Credit)
  • Refinance Loans

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In addition to the standard programs listed above, Lighthouse Mortgage offers a “lock and shop” option on their loans. This is essentially a pre-approved loan program which allows borrowers to hold a specific interest rate on a long term loan while they shop for a home. This lock and shop can also be used to hold the rates on a loan while the client waits for construction to be completed, or for the settlement on a sold house to be paid.

The Lighthouse Mortgage services company also maintains a helpful section on their website which can be used by those who are unfamiliar with the loan process or lingo used by lenders. This section of the site includes a list of frequently asked questions about lending, borrowing, and the life of the loan. It also explains in a straightforward way which situations fit with which loan programs the best. This allows first time home buyers access to information which hopefully makes the whole process of buying a home and financing it with a mortgage a less frustrating or scary experience. A home loan is often the largest loan a person will take out in their lifetime, and it represents a significant portion of their life and earnings. Many find their first home loan to be a worrying experience. The family atmosphere at Lighthouse Mortgage Services is designed to take as much of the stress out of the loan process as possible, and the company hopes to use their expertise to put their clients at ease.

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