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Kauai Mortgage Company

Kauai Mortgage Company is a locally owned mortgage broker operating in Hawaii. Not just confined to Kauai, the company serves all of the Hawaiian islands and has done since 1996. The Kauai Mortgage company has an extensive range of mortgage and loan programs available to them, and they are likely to find the right loan for an individuals circumstances. With over 40 lenders to shop for loan programs from, Kauai Mortgage can find purchase or refinance loans to suit anyone, and all at the most competitive rates and terms available.

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The company has built a reputation of being “the people you go to” when you want to finance a serious investment in Hawaii. The Kauai Mortgage company has earned its reputation by hiring some of the most competent, well trained, and experienced staff in the industry. This sets them apart from many of the other mortgage companies operating in the Hawaiian islands, who lack the training and experience that Kauai Mortgage loan officers possess. If you are shopping for a home in Hawaii but are unsure about how much home you can afford, or how much money you will need to get into the right home, the Kauai Mortgage company can pre-approve you for a loan before you even start looking at homes. Having a pre-approved loan sitting behind you can give you added confidence when shopping for the home of your dreams. If you aren’t ready to start shopping for a home, Kauai Mortgage can even help put together a plan for buying a home when you are ready to do so.

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Loans Funded by Kauai Mortgage Company

  • Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage programs.
  • 3% down payment loans
  • 100% financing programs
  • No income verified programs, ideal for self employed or salaried employees.
  • Construction to permanent loans.
  • 125% equity loans for debt consolidation.
  • First time home buyer programs
  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo programs.
  • Zero point programs.
  • Land loans.
  • Loan programs for those with less than perfect credit records.

Properties in Hawaii are unique, especially compared to those on the mainland. The purchase and especially the construction of a property can be a process which is filled with complex regulations and formalities. Kauai Mortgage is well acquainted with the process of purchasing or constructing properties in Hawaii, and they can walk their clients through the difficult terrain of issues involving agricultural zoning, accessory dwelling units, farm dwelling agreements recorded in title, open zoning, and conservation zoned properties. Not to mention Ohana units, high land to value ratios, condos with low owner-occupancy rates, single family detached condominium property regime, guest houses, two kitchen homes, and so on.

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