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King Mortgage Inc.

The King Mortgage corporation is fully licensed to conduct business in New Jersey, and they offer a wide array of loan and mortgage products and services. King Mortgage works hard to provide the right loan program for its clients, whether they are interested in residential home purchase loans or commercial construction or purchase programs. They employ a dedicated and professional staff that the company promises will work diligently to fit the proper loan to meet a clients special needs while finding the lowest possible rates and fees.

From underwriters to loan officers, King Mortgage realizes that there are many people involved in the process of applying for, opening and finally closing a loan program. The company has attempted to hire the brightest and most experienced team members they can, so that every aspect and stage of the loan process is simple and uncomplicated.

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Customer service sits high on the list for King Mortgage, and they strive to make their clients happiness their number one priority. Companies live and die in the mortgage industry on word of mouth. If a company mistreats its clients, other people will hear about it and the company is sure to fail. King Mortgage understands this point well, and take care to make sure their customers are happy with their loan. Due to this, King Mortgage has grown largely on word of mouth and client referrals from satisfied customers. King Mortgage stakes their companies reputation on each loan they create, and therefore they strive to get the best loan available for all their customers, year after year.

King Mortgage is also used to dealing with people with less than perfect credit. If you are a AAA credit or a D credit borrower, King Mortgage will work with you to track down the best loan for you. The various lenders that King Mortgage works with are able to provide a broad array of loan products, meaning that King Mortgage can find a loan program to fit almost any borrower.

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Loans Funded by King Mortgage

  • Fixed Rate mortgages
  • Adjustable rate mortgages
  • Balloon mortgages
  • First time buyer programs
  • Stated income programs
  • No point, no fee programs
  • Imperfect credit programs
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • And Home equity fixed loans

Besides these standard loan programs, King Mortgage also provides a number of exclusive and unique programs to serve the needs of its clients. These include the ability to purchase a house with zero down. Piggyback loans, Debt consolidation loans, Home improvement loans, and the ability to qualify even if you have been turned down for a loan previously.

King Mortgage is a mortgage broker with an impressive number of available loan programs.

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