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Hyannis Mortgage Corporation

The Hyannis Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage broker that has been serving the people and community of Cape Cod for several years now. Whether a customer is planning on doing some serious renovations or commercial projects, Hyannis Mortgage corporation has them covered. Likewise, Hyannis Mortgage is also experienced in helping clients purchase their first home or refinance their existing home or homes. The company offers a hands on, face to face and one on one service and boast a great deal of experience when it comes to closing loans in the Cape Cod area. The Hyannis Mortgage corporation bills itself as a powerful resource for those interested in mortgage financing.

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As a mortgage broker, Hyannis is in a position that primary lenders in the Cape Cod area are not. Hyannis Mortgage corporation is able to shop around from lender to lender until they find the proper rate and loan program to fit the needs of their clients. Hyannis Mortgage has access to the mortgage programs provided by twenty different lenders, and with that array of funding potential Hyannis is able to offer a flexibility and coverage that is sure to meet a customer’s needs. Hyannis is also fully licensed as a mortgage broker by the Massachusetts Division of Banks.

The loan website provided by Hyannis Mortgage corp. is extensive, with several additions and links to make sure that those who are unsure about any aspect of the loan process are well covered. This includes the exhaustive section titled “Mortgage 101”, which has several tools to aid the potential borrower understand the loan process, from opening to closing. There are loan calculators, which can calculate the amount of interest, the amortization rates, and the term of loans so that clients know exactly what to expect when applying for a loan. The loans programs themselves are fairly standard.

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Loans Funded by Hyannis Mortgage Corp.

  • Subprime loans, which are for those with less than perfect credit
  • FHA Loan, which are programs designed to aid low and moderate income families get into home ownership
  • VA loans, that are available to individuals who qualify based on military service
  • Second Mortgages and Home equity lines of credit are loan programs that take advantage of established home equity
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages are loan programs with fixed principle and interest payments
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages, which are loans that can change with market conditions
  • Introductory Rate Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Conventional and Jumbo loan programs

If you are thinking of buying a home in the Cape Cod area and are wondering how to finance your purchase, Hyannis Mortgage Corporation has a stellar reputation and is worth looking into.

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