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Homeland Mortgage Company

The Homeland Mortgage Company was founded in December of 1999 in an attempt to better service the mortgage broker community of Indiana. The company is located in Carmel, Indiana which is found a few miles north of the larger and more easily recognized, Indianapolis, Indiana. The name ‘Homeland Mortgage’ was chosen to reflect the values the company has come to stand for. Intended to imply a traditionally Midwestern work ethic and company ethos, Homeland Mortgage likes to think of itself as hard working, honest and as a company with integrity. These ideals are found in the Midwestern way of business, and are a result of the hard working, no nonsense agricultural foundation of Midwestern business in general.

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Since the company was founded, Homeland Mortgage has rapidly established itself as a leading lender in the area, as well as within the lending community at large. Branching quickly out from simply servicing Indiana, the company now serves 34 states. Operating mortgage programs across the country, the company now deals with over $500 million dollars a year in volume.  This places them as one of the smaller national lending institutions, but the company is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The Homeland Mortgage Company attributes the success of the recent years to its adherence to Midwestern ideals about how business should be done.

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Loans Funded by Homeland Mortgage Company

  • The Platinum mortgage program, which AA can use appraised value after 60 days’ seasoning.
  • The HomeXpress 103% to 107% mortgage program. This program allows up to 107% LTV to be available new line, as well as up to $5,000 dollars cash in hand.
  • Also in the HomeXpress range of loan programs is the HomeXpress A+, A, A-, B, C and C- programs. They all offer no minimum disposable income requirements and 95% LTV stated available for rate and term only.
  • The Largest HomeXpress loan program available from Homeland Mortgage is the HomeXpress 125%. This has options giving 2nd mortgage LTV’s of up to 125% of the LTV, as well as credit scores as low as 660. Furthermore, the stated value is allowed up to $35,000 with a credit score of 680.

With these loan programs, it is obvious to see that the Homeland Mortgage company is focuses almost entirely on home loans and refinance. With hardly a mention to construction or commercial loans, the Homeland Mortgage company is dedicated to providing the best loans they can to help people get into the home of their dreams. The company operates with the same ideals that built the fortunes in America’s heartland. Hard work and integrity, a set of values that seems to get more rare in the mortgage industry with each passing year.

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