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Heritage Mortgage

The Heritage Mortgage is a part of Heritage Bank, and it offers its clients access to their knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry. The company provides mortgage calculators, although they go a few steps above and beyond the normal calculators provided by other everyday banks. In addition to the simple loan rate calculators offered by some banks, Heritage Mortgage offers a Payment/Amortization calculator. This calculator allows a potential borrower to work out their monthly payments for fixed or adjustable rate mortgages, as well as the breakdown between principle and interest in the payments over the term of the loan. In addition to the Payment/Amortization calculator, there is a Rent vs. Ownership calculator. The function of this calculator is to allow a potential home buyer to understand the difference between a possible renting situation and a potential home ownership situation financially. For those who are looking to consolidate their debt, Heritage Mortgage provides a debt consolidation calculator to determine whether or not a clients financial situation would be improved by consolidating their credit card debts and other possible debts into a single low rate mortgage. For those who have enough money to be able to finance a large prepayment or down payment on a loan, Heritage Mortgage has a calculator to determine how much a prepayment will affect the span and payment term of a possible loan or mortgage. This allows the client to work out the ideal size of a prepayment to shorten the span of their loan to where they are comfortable with it.

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Loans Funded by Heritage Mortgage

The Heritage Mortgage company is primarily interested in providing home purchase loans. As a primary lender involved in home purchase and refinancing loans, the company has a strong relationship with a number of mortgage brokers and real estate agents who can be assigned to clients. In fact, the Heritage Mortgage company has a complete section of their website dedicated to the process of finding and financing the home of your dreams. They advise customers who are on the lookout for a new home to utilize the talents and experience of trusted mortgage brokers and real estate agents. Both mortgage brokers and real estate agents are individuals or teams who make the location and financing of homes their business, and as such they are likely to know a number of tricks of the trade that even experienced home buyers are not necessarily aware of.

As a primary lender focusing on fixed or adjustable rate home loans, refinancing and debt consolidation, Heritage Mortgage appears to have the best interests of the customer in mind. Their site reinforces this, as the company is dedicated to informing their clients about all aspects of the home loan process.

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