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GreenPoint Mortgage

Owned by the North Fork Bancorporation, Greenpoint Mortgage company is a national mortgage banker. The company itself is headquartered in Novato, California. Recent financial surveys have placed Green Point Mortgage as one of the leaders in the national mortgage and lending marketplace. As a subsidiary of the North Fork Bancorp. GreenPoint Mortgage has access to a large and highly stable commercial holdings lender. North Fork Bancorp. itself is one of the larger commercial bank holding companies, with an estimated $55 billion dollars of assets. North Fork Bancorp also provides a wide variety of services through its subsidiary lending institutions.

GreenPoint Mortgage also offer a selection of company owned properties for sale. A link on their website will bring the potential home buyer to a selection of sites available. Offering both traditional homes and investment properties as well, the database of properties owned by GreenPoint Mortgage is extensive. With links to the New York Auction calendar and the search tool for finding the right property within the GreenPoint Mortgage database, clients can quickly and easily look up and finance properties they are interested in.

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Loans Funded by GreenPoint Mortgage

The company offers a wide array of standard and exclusive loans:

  • Adjustable rate and fixed rate loan programs
  • Purchase¬† and Refinance programs
  • As well as commercial construction to permanent loan programs

The commercial division of GreenPoint Mortgage serves commercial interests on a national level. The company offers commercial loan programs and provides them through a network of nine branch offices which are located throughout the United States. The company specializes in no-documentation commercial loan programs, as well as making a complete menu of mortgage programs available to suit any borrowers needs and interests.

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The two main commercial loan programs offered by GreenPoint Mortgage are the Commercial fixed program and the Commercial ARM program. Under these two loan programs are the wide array of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages that the company has on offer. These include 15 year AA programs, 15/30 Balloon programs and TT 10 year programs. As well as commercial 10 and 15 year fixed rate loans. GreenPoint Mortgage also offers Treasury adjustable rate mortgage programs with sliding years, 3/10 year to 3/25 year programs adjusted at 5 year intervals. The commercial loan rates are listed, and to make sure the client knows the rates on offer are some of the lowest in the industry, GreenPoint Mortgage provides a direct ticker update of the current market rates on their site as well.

If a customer is in the market for a commercial loan with low rates and a stable and savvy company to borrow from, then GreenPoint Mortgage would be a good choice.

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