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Great Southwest Mortgage

Great Southwest Mortgage got its start doing retail lending, and opened its first office in Phoenix Arizona. After a short three years in business, Great Southwest Mortgage became one of the top ten lenders in Phoenix Arizona, a feat which surprised many industry analysts. The company has an impressive set of records, over 1 billion dollars of retail volume being the result of their work in Phoenix alone. Given such impressive figures, it is little surprise now that Great Southwest Mortgage continues to grow rapidly. The company is gaining market share in the Arizona mortgage industry, and they claim the reason for this gain is simple. The combination of some of the lowest rates in the industry as well as low fees and a very broad array of available loan programs accounts for the companies recent success. In addition to the low rates and fees and the large selection of loan programs, the company also insists on maintaining cutting edge software and hardware, keeping them up to date with the newly emergent technological aspects of the industry.

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Great Southwest Mortgage owes its remarkable start up success to its position as the retail lending arm of the impressive First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is headquartered in nearby Tucson Arizona. In keeping with the bottom up organizational style that has become popular in the industry in recent years, the company has several local branch offices spring up across America. A giant in the conforming market, First Magnus Financial Corporation ranks among the top 15 FHA lenders in the country. This means that as the retail arm of First Magnus, Great Southwest is used to dealing with large sums of money on a regular basis. Over 2 billion dollars worth of funding is dealt with on a monthly basis by the company.  The company offers all of the standard loan programs, with a focus on purchase and refinance.

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Great Southwest Mortgage is currently licensed in 49 states and continues to add new branch offices as it keeps growing. The company claims to be able to combine the benefits of a primary lender with the efficiency and flexibility of a smaller mortgage brokerage. The company is not only in the market for potential borrowers, but is actively courting mortgage brokers who are looking for access to a powerful national retail lender.

The company claims that both individual borrowers and mortgage brokers will find the loan programs offered by Great Southwest Mortgage to be comparable if not superior to anything else on the market, and that the loan officers at Great Southwest Mortgage are some of the most highly trained in the industry.

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