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Grand Oak Mortgage Company

Grand Oak Mortgage company feels that the best indication for success in business is how likely a customer is to return to the company after they have used the companies services or sampled the product. The ability to attract repeat business, or referrals from past clients is a vital part in building customer loyalty. In some companies in the mortgage industry, the concept of customer loyalty is not entered into the equation that calculates success. Grand Oak Mortgage feel differently. They conducted a survey, and of the clients surveyed from 1996 through to 1999 they found that 97% of those clients said that they would use Grand Oak Mortgage again in the future if they needed to borrow again. The same clients also said that they would refer friends, coworkers, and family members to Grand Oak Mortgage if those people were looking for a mortgage company.

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The company is so proud of its customer service that they will provide anyone who is interested with a long list of written testimonials from previous clients that state in no uncertain terms that Grand Oak Mortgage is a good company to do business with. The company attributes this customer satisfaction to their loan officers and their dedication to make sure that each customer receives quick and easy to understand answers to their questions, and that their needs are dealt with promptly and to the customers satisfaction.
For Grand Oak Mortgage 97% is simply not good enough, and they are constantly striving to make sure that 100% of their customers are satisfied with the service they receive from Grand Oak.

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Loans Funded by Grand Oak Mortgage Company

  • First time home buyer mortgage programs
  • Flex 97 program
  • 100% financing program
  • 90% LTV No Mortgage program
  • Bridge loans and construction loans are also available

The company is committed to providing the client with quick and efficient loan processing and rapid underwriting processing as well. All the transactions with Grand Oak Mortgage are designed to be quick, hassle free and trustworthy.

As well as making sure the process is a smooth and speedy one, Grand Oak Mortgage also promises to keep their customers updated on the status of their transactions. Clients have access to these updates via voice calls, email, or fax. Any news about, or change in the status of a clients loan program will warrant the client being notified immediately, allowing customers to remain up to date on the goings on with their loan.

Their dedication to customer service puts Grand Oak Mortgage ahead of a number of mortgage companies that don’t hold the interests of their clients in such high regard.

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