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Golden Empire Mortgage

Golden Empire Mortgage represents a chain of branch offices that spread up and down the west coast of American and Canada. The spread of the company can be attributed to their business philosophy. Golden Empire operates with an eye on the changing marketplace, and is constantly thinking of ways to capitalize on those changes. More than marketplace awareness accounts for the success of Golden Empire Mortgage Corp, the company is run mainly from the bottom up. As far as companies go, when a company grows to cover a base of operations as large as Golden Empire Mortgage has, two things happen. First, is that the company becomes large enough to weather most changes in the marketplace and economy and operates according to that added security. The second thing that happens is that the company becomes slow to react to changes in the market, as well as slow to react to customer concerns. Golden Empire Mortgage has managed to avoid becoming sluggish despite its large size. The reason for this is that Golden Empire runs its branch offices in a franchise manner. That way each office has the security of being part of a national company, but can still react quickly to local concerns and customer complaints and inquiries.

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Loans Funded by Golden Empire Mortgage

The loans available from Golden Empire Mortgage Corporation are not listed on their website. Although the company does provide a loan calculator which includes the interest rates available on the standard fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages. In addition to the loan calculator is a extensive list of frequently asked questions which pertain to the loan process and what loan is best suited for the most common situations that lenders find themselves in. The frequently asked questions section and the loan calculator provide a general idea of what one can expect when looking to get a loan and can also assist people in shopping for the home they want to purchase, as the loan calculator can give them a basic idea of how much they can afford to borrow.

With the franchise system in place, the Golden Empire Mortgage company looks like it is likely to continue to grow. Already a large company, the stability of the company is very good compared to smaller companies and is likely to survive and fluctuations in the market. Despite the size of the company, the local branch offices that run essentially independently from the main company are able to provide personalized service to clients. With that in mind, Golden Empire Mortgage is a comparable option to a regular bank for those looking to purchase a home and to get a mortgage with a low interest rate.

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