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Gold Key Mortgage

Operating out of Cleveland, the Gold Key Mortgage company is a mortgage brokerage that services all of Ohio. The company insists that the loan process can be a hassle to understand and a complicated and difficult procedure to undertake on your own. Thankfully, Gold Key Mortgage has spent a good deal of time making sure that their loan officers are competent and trained to assist clients in making the loan process a simple and even pleasant experience. Fully licensed and regulated as a mortgage broker in the state of Ohio by the department of commerce, the company is a proud member of the Ohio Mortgage brokers association. Gold Key Mortgage brokers also belong to the National Mortgage Brokers Association, which is a national body of trusted mortgage brokerage companies. In the last two years, Gold Key Mortgage has helped hundreds of people open the loans which allowed them to purchase the homes of their dreams.

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As a mortgage broker, Gold Key Mortgage company functions differently from a bank or other primary lender. The company works with the potential borrower, on their side, to help find the right loan program for them. As a mortgage broker, Gold Key Mortgage has access to the loan programs and interest rates from over seventy different primary lending institutions. With seventy lenders to choose from, the range of loans available is far wider than can be provided by a single lender. If a client is in the market for a specific type of loan, for example a construction to permanent loan, Gold Key Mortgage can help locate and identify the lenders who specialize in construction loans. Not only that, but with years of experience in the mortgage industry, the loan officers at Gold Key Mortgage company are well versed in the sometimes confusing lingo of the lending industry and can help explain some of the more confusing aspects of opening a loan to a client who may be new to the loan process.

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Loans Funded by Gold Key Mortgage

  • Construction loans
  • Home Improvement loans
  • Conforming and Non-conforming loans
  • No money down loan programs
  • Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement
  • 1st Mortgage
  • 2nd Mortgage
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Land Contracts
  • Lease Options
  • Loans for the purchase of Condos, Townhouses, Mobile Homes, and Manufactured homes.
  • Mixed Use Properties
  • Investment properties
  • Loan programs for people with credit problems and rate incentives for those looking to borrow with perfect credit.

Overall, for anyone looking to buy a home in Ohio would do well to consider the options available from Gold Key Mortgage. As a mortgage broker, their range of loan programs is sure to fit most situations.

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