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Gold Coast Mortgage

Founded in 1999, the Gold Coast Mortgage company was started by two highly motivated individuals. Since that time, Gold Coast Mortgage has funded more than 250,000,000 dollars worth of mortgage transactions. The two people responsible for the founding of Gold Coast are Rcik Collin and John Donlon, and they both had a firm understanding of the mortgage industry and a strong desire to become self employed. Operating out of a small office, the duo now operate a mortgage business that covers Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The business they created is unlike anything they had previously seen in the mortgage industry, with their values seated firmly in building trusting and honest relationships with their clients and working hard to provide the best loan programs for an individuals personal situation.

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Gold Coast Mortgage: Great Personal Customer Service

The Gold Coast Mortgage company prides itself on the fact that almost all of their clients come to them through word of mouth referral. This indicates to the pair that they are working hard for their clients, and that they are being appreciated for their work. Very few other companies can boast such a loyal client list, and even more rare are those companies that can claim the level of customer satisfaction that Gold Coast Mortgage can. Rick and John are always quick to point out that their secret to success is a simple one. They say that their word is their bond and upholding that bond is the first and most important part of their job. Everything else, they say, just falls into place.

As a two man operation, Gold Coast can hardly be called a large company. The two partners see that as an advantage rather than a setback. Companies which are larger than Gold Coast Mortgage have a tough time competing with them when it comes to the personal touch. Since the company only operates in three states, they have an understanding of the market climate and the values that people on the east coast hold dear. This gives Rick and John a rapport with their clients that larger national mortgage companies simply cannot provide. This is obviously appreciated by those customers who have been referred to Gold Coast by their friends and associates, because the company has never been short of clients.

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Loans Funded by Gold Cost Mortgage

The programs which Gold Coast Mortgage offers is fairly standard as loan programs go.

They offer Traditional mortgage programs, as well as 100% Financing with no PMI. The Bridge Across loan program is designed for those who are in the process of selling a home while also buying another home. This loan is particularly flexible seeing as the time details of buying and selling do not often perfectly coincide with loan timetables.

They also offer Cross Collateralization, and specialty mortgages.

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