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Gateway Mortgage Group

In Florida, the Gateway Mortgage Group has been providing loans to interested borrowers for several years now. Recently, the company has recognized the power of the internet to reach a greater number of potential borrowers and has decided to cash in on the opportunities offered by the world wide web. The company offers pre-loan credit applications as well as online loan applications for the purchase of homes and condos in the state of Florida. The company recognized the internet as a formidable distribution channel for information and as a cost effective purchase mechanism that would allow the Gateway Mortgage Group to outperform their competitors who only used the conventional storefront techniques of applying for and closing loans. The company has worked hard to make sure that the online applications available to their customers are both secure and easy to understand, ensuring that if anyone is interested in a loan they can simply log onto the Gateway Mortgage website and apply for a loan to purchase a property or consolidate their debt.

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Loans Funded by Gateway Mortgage Group

The company offers a wide variety of loan programs, including the standard Fannie Mae backed Fixed Rate mortgage programs. The down payments on these loans have been recently reduced down to as low as 3% of the total loan. These loans include loan programs specially designed for home improvements, where the borrower can access loans which are valued at up to 50% more than the total value of the home. The Gateway Mortgage company also offer State Income loans which are ideal for self employed individuals who are often unable to qualify for traditional loans due to the situation with their stated income. Those with good credit can get into a Stated income loan with only 10% of the loan as down payment, and those with less than stellar credit can enter into a loan contract with only slightly more down. For a long time, the purchase of luxury units in Florida was difficult, do to the costly and long underwriting times associated with Jumbo loans. Gateway Mortgages has changed that with their jumbo loan program. Even combining a jumbo loan with a stated income loan is no problem, as Gateway can custom tailor a loan program to get a client into the luxury home of their dreams with a minimum of hassle and some of the lowest rates available.

Overall, with the online application forms and tools available to potential clients on the website, Gateway Mortgage Group has taken care of a good many of the worries and concerns of first time purchasers. As well as offering creative and somewhat unique loan programs, the Gateway Mortgage group is a step ahead of most lenders operating in Florida.

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