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East Coast Mortgage

The East Coast Mortgage, maintains a very competent staff that is focused on making the loan process as simple as it possibly can be for the borrower. Once the borrower provides the company with the initial information and documentation,  the staff quickly takes care of the rest. Typically, after providing this information to the loan officers at East Coast Mortgage, the next phone call a client will receive is an invitation to close on the loan.

North Carolina’s East Coast Mortgage even offers “in home closings.” The in home closing involves the companies attorneys making a house call to your home, giving you the convenience of closing the loan in your own living room.

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Another service offered by the East Coast Mortgage company is a free mortgage checkup. By making a phone call, the client can give all the required information  needed to pre-approve them over the phone. East Coast Mortgage then calls the client back and lets them know what type of loan products they can offer to suit the borrowers needs. This service is free and does not obligate the customer to the loan offered. The company provides the mortgage checkup for free.

Loans Funded by East Coast Mortgage

100% Purchase Loans
Normally people find 100% loans extremely attractive because they require No Down Payment. Financing of this type is popular among both first time homebuyers and experienced homebuyers.

Bank Rate Loans
These loans are normally only available to those with fairly unblemished credit.

Less Than Perfect Credit Loans
These loans are offered as a wide variety of loans to those who have had credit problems.

No Income Verification Loans
These are popular with self-employed borrowers as they are not required to provide proof of their income.

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Interest-Only Loans
Interest only loans allow borrowers to “get more house” for their money or otherwise significantly reduce their monthly cash flow.

Debt Consolidation Loans
By far the most popular loans offered by the East Coast Mortgage company, the debt consolidation loan is useful for exchanging the rapidly compounding credit card or department store debt into a loan with a more manageable interest rate.

Home Equity Lines of Credit
Home Equity Lines of credit are essentially loans on your home, as the home itself serves as collateral.

The East Coast Mortgage company appears to have the process of applying online and over the phone down to its most simplistic and easy to use format. This ease of service is likely a large part of the success the company has seen recently.

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