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Dream House Mortgage Corporation

The Dream House Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1988, and incorporated the same year. It originally served the region of southern New England, it did so from its initial office location in Rhode Island. The company has grown from its regional roots to become a national entity. Although the company began as a mortgage brokerage, it eventually became a lending institute in 1995. Going from being a mortgage broker to being a primary lender allowed the Dream House Mortgage Corp. to retain the wisdom that its members gained while operating as a brokerage and apply it to the practice of lending. A result of this is the wide variety of loan programs offered by the company. Knowing that their success as a mortgage brokerage relied on them having access to the lowest rates and broadest range of loan programs translated easily into the conviction to offer low rates and a wide array of loan programs as a primary lender.

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Loans Funded by Dream House Mortgage Corp.

The company offers a number of Purchase loan programs. They offer the standard loan programs, such as FHA loans, no down payment required loans, challenged or imperfect credit loans, and relocation loans. They also advertise their patience with situations faced by current home-owners who need time until their existing homes are sold. The company has an online form that walks the borrower through the process from start to finish with clear instructions.

The Dream House Mortgage Corp. also offers debt consolidation loans, explaining that it is almost always cheaper to pay the yearly interest on a mortgage than it is to pay the daily compounded interest attached to credit card or department store debts.

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The company also offers home improvement loans, with options available for the first time home owner who often has little or no equity to borrow against or for the home-owner who has built up a large stock of equity over the years. This is in addition to the refinance loan programs that are also available from the company.

From the regional beginnings, the Dream House Mortgage Corporation has rapidly grown to become not only a national mortgage brokerage but a primary lender as well. While rapid growth may be the result of either ethical or unscrupulous business practices, it appears from the feedback and trust placed in the corporation by other companies that the Dream House Mortgage Corporation is growing quickly while remaining an ethical lender. Despite being a nationwide corporation, their website is geared to focus on the state in which the borrower is living. This focus on the location of the client indicates that although the company is national, it is still able to operate like a local lender.

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