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Diamond Mortgage Group

The Diamond Mortgage Group is a mortgage broker that operates primarily in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Florida. The company specializes in first mortgage and real estate financing. Established in 1998, the Diamond Mortgage Group is fairly young by market standards. In the eight years since its founding, the company has remained a regional player, and has restricted its interests to real estate mortgages almost exclusively. Working as a mortgage broker, rather than a traditional lender, means that the company has access to a wider array of loan programs than it would if it were a primary lender. As such, it can offer its clients a much broader spectrum of rates and programs.

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Diamond Mortgage Gives Borrowers Freedom

The company bases its success on taking the guesswork out of the mortgage process. The Diamond Mortgage Group realizes that the internet has taken some of the necessity of the mortgage broker out of the loan process and allowed the potential borrower greater freedom in their choices and access to lenders. Unlike some others in the industry, the Diamond Mortgage Group has seen that added freedom for borrowers as an asset rather than a setback. With greater access and freedom for the borrower comes greater risk and complications. The success of mortgage brokers, in the philosophy of the Diamond Mortgage Group, now lies in assisting the potential borrower in understanding the loan process and helping them with the sometimes complex lingo and information which is now directly available to them.

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The work that the Diamond Mortgage Group has done has given them a fair amount of success in an industry that has seen a good number of mortgage brokers fail. The company itself works directly with 30 lending institutes to provide its clients with the very best loan program available to suit their clients situation. As the company focuses mainly on real estate loans, financing for non-real estate concerns is restricted. Financing is available for one to four family properties and condominiums, and can be owner and non-owner occupied. There are also construction, rehabilitation and land loans available. Typically, loan amounts range from $10,000 to over $2 million.

The company understands that the average person can now log onto the internet and have access to lending institutes directly, and that should they go to their local bank, they have direct access without even using the internet. However, the company is betting on the fact that without the experience that the Diamond Mortgage Group possesses, the average person has less of a chance to find the lowest mortgage rates available or the best loan program to fit their needs. The idea appears to be paying off, as the Diamond Mortgage Group continues to prosper.

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