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Crystal Mortgage

Like most mortgage companies operating today, Crystal Mortgage has recognized the value of the life-long customer or client. The focus of lending companies has shifted from maximizing profits on individual loans to dropping some of the profit off early loans in the hope that the customer will reward the company with continued loyalty down the road. This assures the company of a shot at the larger loans that most people tend to make later in life when their financial circumstances can allow for it, as compared with the smaller loans that tend to be taken out relatively early in life.

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The Crystal Mortgage company has taken this philosophy to heart, and is actively courting the customer for life by offering their clients low rates and friendly, honest service.  The company profits greatly from word of mouth, with well treated clients often suggesting the Crystal Mortgage company to their friends and family. The company is quick to respond and has a professional attitude that also pleases real estate agents who are looking to close sales and cannot afford to deal with slow or unprofessional lenders. It is little wonder then, that referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have always delivered the majority of the Company’s production.

Loans Funded by Crystal Mortgage

The company offers the standard loan programs, including fixed rate mortgages, Adjustable rate mortgages, balloon mortgages, although they make no mention of jumbo loans. The company also offers first time buyer programs to assist people in the often difficult task of purchasing their first home. Crystal Mortgage also offers stated income loan programs, no point no fee programs, and imperfect credit programs for those whose credit is a little spotty. The company also offers lines of credit on home equity, and a home equity fixed loan. Besides the standard programs listed above, the company also provides some non-traditional loans.

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These unique loan programs are designed to fit the needs of borrowers who experience special economic circumstances. They include house purchase loans with zero down, piggy back loans which ride out at 80-10-10 or 80-15-5, with no PMI payments even with 5 or 10% down payment. The company also offers debt consolidation programs, home improvement loans for fixing up your castle, and the chance to qualify for many of these programs even if you have been previously turned down for a loan elsewhere.

Crystal Mortgage Takes Care of Their Customers

The Crystal Mortgage company has grown and prospered on their stance of treating customers so well that not only will they stay with the company for life, but they will actually recommend the company to others. To achieve this level of trust amongst their clients is a feat that speaks of honesty and working hard to make sure the customer is always right.

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