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Christian Mortgage

The Christian Mortgage company is as its name suggests, a mortgage company that operates according to the teachings of Christ. The personal philosophy of the president of the Christian Mortgage company is one that many would find surprising in the lending industry. As a follower of Christ, the actions of the company are compelled to love their clients as their brothers and sisters. For many secular mortgage lenders, this outlook is foreign to their way of thinking and furthermore can cause serious damage to their profits. In this way, the Christian Mortgage company is somewhat unique in the mortgage and lending industry. To paraphrase what the president says in his communiqué online to potential clients, He is a Christian man who feels that though it is not his job to preach, he should lead through example. Actions speaking louder than words.

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Some people may find the idea of mixing religion and money to be a combination that they would rather not indulge in. There are many who feel otherwise, who feel that sharing their faith with their mortgage lender is the foundation for a wise investment.

Beyond the personal philosophy of the president, there is little else to judge the Christian Mortgage company on. The loan programs offered by the company are not provided on the company website. One can imagine that the loan programs offered by the company are the standard fare, only with the added Christian provisos implied by the philosophy of the president towards his beloved brothers and sisters.

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Christian Mortgage Online

The website of the company is mostly under construction, with the following areas promised to be coming shortly. There will be an area which provides Full income tax Analysis, as well as Loan status Communication. These two areas, as well as a 7 point written guarantee, Upfront mortgage pricing, the warning signs of a bad lender and a promise to return all calls will be listed under the heading “Why do business with Christian Mortgage company?”. In another section, called the Christian mortgage tool box, there will be Mortgage Applications, Loan calculators, a credit corner, a listing of today’s rates, a link to the library of information, the ability to search the mortgage loans offered by the company, and lessons.

When the website is completed, it will be a handy tool for those looking to borrow from a company with a Christian ethic. The president currently exhibits a business ethic and plan which promises that when his business is fully realized, it will be both ethically and financially sound. In addition to providing loans, the company will also review loans on offer from other companies, free of charge, to make sure that everyone is getting a fair deal, whether they are dealing with the Christian Mortgage company or not.

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