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Castle Point Mortgage

Castle Point Mortgage is dedicated to helping their clients find the right mortgage program for their situation. The company recognizes that not everyone fits into the same economic category, and therefore not everyone benefits from the same loan program. Acting on this principle, Castle Point Mortgage attempts to build the broadest loan and mortgage program portfolio to choose from. With such a wide selection of loans available, Castle Point Mortgage is sure that one can be suited to each and every clients individual needs. In response to the complex needs of today’s borrowers, Castle Point has arranged 85 different loan programs, although they also realize that variety is not the only important factor in choosing a loan. The company also believes that the loan process itself should be a pleasant and simple one, and to that end they have trained and employed a competent staff who are primarily focused on the delivery of a properly tailored loan program in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion.

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Castle Point Mortgage Loan Process

One of the things that sets Castle Point Mortgage apart from the competition is their speed and efficiency in handling loan applications, openings and eventually, closings. Unlike other lenders, when you begin the loan process with Castle Point, you are assigned a team of loan officers. The team of officers can handle set-backs and complications with a level of ease and speed that simply is not possible if handled by an individual.

Although the individual loan programs offered by Castle Point Mortgage are not listed, one can safely assume that the offer the standard fixed rate, adjustable rate and jumbo loans that other companies provide. Beyond that, the company provides an online application form for initiating the loan process as well as a brick and mortar address and telephone number if one prefers the feel of meeting with a representative face to face.

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Castle Point Mortgage: Expanding Great Service

The power of the strategy employed by Castle Point can be seen in their customer satisfaction and business growth. The company is expanding rapidly, and has recently purchased a building in Howard country and plans to add another 250 employees to the payroll. The company, which was founded four years ago has since grown massively in its region, which many attribute to high levels of customer satisfaction. The number of new employees is said to rise from 250 to 350 later in the year, yet more evidence of the growth of the company. Banking on diverse mortgage programs and speedy, honest service appears to be paying off in the mortgage industry, where such things have until recently been in short supply.

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