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Castle Mortgage Services Inc.

Jeff McGowan is the president of Castle Mortgage Services, and offers a good deal of experience and helpful tips for borrowers. Although a regional licensed realtor in Delaware and Pennsylvania, Jeff is able to provide mortgages nationwide. Located in Newark, Delaware, Castle Mortgage Services operates as a mortgage broker primarily for those looking to purchase a home in Delaware or Pennsylvania.

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Castle Mortgage Services Online

The companies website is full of helpful programs and hints, beyond the normal mortgage calculators and the like which are normally found on mortgage websites.
Castle Mortgage Services offers online applications, which are guaranteed safe in transmission and in confidentiality. The site also features Advice for Buyers and Advice for Sellers, which outlines the tips and tricks of the trade for those looking to get some savvy information on the often confusing housing and lending markets, respectively.

Acting as a realtor, Jeff McGowan, operating under the Castle Mortgage Services name, also provides several avenues of real estate information on the company site. These include a real estate glossary, to help define some of the more problematic or difficult to understand terms that exist in a specialized business like real estate. Once you have the lingo down, the site also provides a good amount of real estate information, with information about Area real estate deals as well as direct information about Wilmington, Delaware. Included after this information is timely news about Delaware schools and Chester county schools, to advise those considering purchasing a house in the area about the realities of life in Delaware and Pennsylvania that are often not included in a more traditional realtor’s description of the home that one is thinking of purchasing.

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Castle Mortgage Can Help Find Your Dream Home

This shows that despite his national mortgage operations, Jeff McGowan is concerned with the real estate aspects of his business to a greater degree. The links to various news agencies who specialize in real estate news, as well as the mapquest link to aid people in getting to and from the homes they are looking to purchase shows that McGowan’s heart, and the primary focus of Castle Mortgage Services, is to connect the right person with the right home and then to find a way to finance the purchase of that home. This all becomes very clear when one notices the link on the page that invites the visitor to “Find Their Dream Home.” Odds are that if you are looking to purchase a home in the state of Delaware or Pennsylvania, it would be a good idea to check with Castle Mortgage Services Incorporated, to see if they can lend a hand in finding you the home of your dreams.

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