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Blue Water Mortgage Corporation

The Blue Water Mortgage Corporation operate as a small, independent, owner-operated company based in Hampton, New Hampshire. They provide regional lending services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. They maintain a team of loan officer-owners that has more than 35 years of collective, credit-based lending experience.

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The company prides itself on finding innovative real estate financing solutions, making themselves a flexible company which due to its relatively small size is able to work with clients quickly and effective to find solutions to their issues.

The company was founded with a mission of finding innovative means to secure the best real estate financing solutions for our clients. They strive to provide outstanding service with quality advice and a team of experienced mortgage professionals. As a small, independent mortgage company with low overhead and operating costs, they are able to pass on greater savings to their clients. Not just interested in saving money, they also save time by making sure to use the most advanced technology available to close loans quickly and at a low cost.

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Loans Funded by Beach Mortgage

This includes any mortgage loan other than a VA or an FHA loan. A conventional loan may be conforming or nonconforming like a jumbo loan.

Jumbo (Nonconforming)
A loan amount that exceeds the limits permitted by Fannie Mae or Freddie  Mac (current limit: $322,700).

Adjustable Rate (ARM)
This type of mortgage generally starts out with an interest rate lower than a fixed-rate loan.

Fixed Rate
The most popular type of mortgage. The interest rate will remain  the same for as long as you have your loan. loan.

No Income Verification (NIV)
This loan is great if you are unable to verify income with traditional  documentation.

No Debt to Income Ratio (No Ratio)
This is a useful option if you are carrying more debt than a traditional mortgage loan will allow.

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No Documentation
A loan that requires little or no proof of income. These loans are  offered at a slightly higher rate and generally require a 10- to  20-% down payment.

No Down Payment
If you do not have funds to use toward a down payment, this type  of mortgage gives you the opportunity to finance 100% of the home’s  purchase price.

The repayment of a debt from the proceeds of a new loan using the  same property as security.

Home Equity Loan
A home equity loan is a second mortgage on your home.

VA Lending
These loans are intended to encourage lenders to offer veterans  mortgages with more favorable terms.

Bridge Loans
An interim loan typically used if you are unable to sell your  current home but need money to close the transaction on a home  you are buying.

5% Down with No PMI
This is a great option that can eliminate PMI on  conventional loans.

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