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Big Valley Mortgage

Big Valley Mortgage was established in 1989 on a set of values and ethics about the right way to lend. Since its founding, the company has grown to include several branches including Suzie Bertino’s. Big Valley mortgage operates as a mortgage broker and is approved with over 30 of the major lending institutes in the country. With numerous affiliations, the company is able to shop around in the market to find the lowest rates.  Big Valley mortgage can provide a potential borrower with the best loan program to fit their individual needs at the most competitive rates offered.

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Loans Funded by Beach Mortgage

The Big Valley Mortgage company offers FHA, VA, Conventional, PERS, Jumbo and numerous First Time Homebuyer Programs. The company can have a pre-approval to a client the same day that they apply on the offered conventional programs.

The loan programs available from the company include those for the purchase of a home, including 1st time buyer and equity loans for the purchasing of second or holiday homes.  In addition to the purchase and 1st time home buyer loans, the company offers jumbo loans and loans dedicated to the construction costs of a new domicile or for the cost of additions to existing homes.  There are also income property loan programs, as well as 2nd home mortgages available. The  pre-qualifications, refinance loan programs are also on offer.

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Big Valley Mortgage: Great Customer Service

Wishing to be seen as a leading home-lender, the company feels that it is imperative to the success of Big Valley that they maintain their clients trust, confidence and respect. That is why their loan consultants promise to always go the extra mile to provide the personal service and dedication that a client needs and deserves.

As a mortgage broker, Big Valley mortgage company operates as a kind of middleman between the lender and the borrower, as such, they can either be a tremendous aid or a costly hindrance to both. The name of the game for mortgage brokers is, and always has been customer service. Without a genuine concern for making sure a client is getting the very best, a mortgage broker can quickly become a nuisance. Thankfully the feedback from the clients involved with Big Valley mortgage have all suggested that the company is helpful rather than a bother, and that the experience of dealing with the company was a pleasant one.

With positive feedback like that, it is easy to recommend the company to those looking to borrow who perhaps lack a great deal of experience in the field of lending and who need someone to help look out for their interests. Big Valley mortgage has grown and prospered doing just that, and the results speak for themselves.

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