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Bay Mortgage

For the last 15 years the team at Bay Mortgage has been thinking of ways to create new, innovative mortgage productions and loan services to keep them ahead of the competition. To this end they have continued to be successful, and they have stayed at the forefront of the mortgage industry for a decade and a half. While some mortgage companies are concerned to rest on their laurels, smaller firms like Bay Mortgage have had to continually reinvent themselves as the market changed and they felt it necessary to change themselves to keep up. This has molded the Bay Mortgage company into a flexible lending institution that is constantly evaluating its position in regards to customer satisfaction and market position. The company looks to make the borrowing experience a simple and satisfactory one, and from their 15 years of lending history, they look like they are able to deliver.

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One of the ways the company attempts to stay current is by to offer their customers highly competitive rates, often at or below current market costs. Bay Mortgage knows that most people are likely to borrow more than once in their life, and feel that by treating their clients better than other firms and not making as large a profit off each individual loan as they could, they can expect the clients to return to the lower rates and impressive customer service that Bay offers for their later loans and mortgages. The company maintains two offices in Massachusetts, a newly expanded office in North Palm Beach Florida as well as smaller satellite locations in five New England states.

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Loans Funded by Bay Mortgage

  • Finance programs available on Purchase Loans.
  • No Money Down Borrower Advantage Programs
  • No Mortgage Insurance Programs
  • Home Equity Loans
  • FHA Loans Available
  • All Credit Accepted
  • Jumbo Rates At Conforming Prices
  • And they offer loan Amounts up to 10 Million

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The loan programs at Bay Mortgage have several borrower friendly aspects, such as no Upfront Fees,  no Closing Cost Programs. As well as no Income, no Asset, no Doc Loans, and up to 103% of the property value available to borrow.

Besides their standard loan programs, they also have a large number of unique programs to serve the borrowers needs:

  • Purchase a house with 0 down
  • Piggyback loans 80-10-10 or 80-15-5. No PMI payments even with
  • 5% or 10% Down.
  • Debt consolidation programs
  • Home Improvement loans
  • A chance to qualify even if you may have been turned down before

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Furthermore, Bay Mortgage’s loan officers are going through training that many mortgage company’s are too busy to do. The training is just one more way that they are committed to making the Bay Mortgage loan process safe and simple for the client.

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