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Bay Capital Mortgage

Bay Capital Corporation functions as a wholesale mortgage lender that is operating in 45 states.

Established early on, by a group of forward thinking individuals, Bay Capital Corporation was realized in 2000. The founders of the corporation started out by developing products in the 1970’s that would service the sub-prime market. This is hardly astonishing, until one remembers that this was several years before sub-prime was even a widely recognized concept.  The entrepreneurial spirit continued and allowed for the forming of  Bay Capital Corp. in 2000. The company has always been thinking of ways to improve itself and to  continue their forward thinking lending tradition, by specializing in loan and mortgage products that are able to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace.

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The lending philosophy for the company is simple,  they aim to provide an extremely diverse selection of lending products that offer nearly unlimited solutions Currently, Bay Capital Corp. has an executive team with over 100 years combined experience and over 250 employees.

Loans Funded by Bay Capital Mortgage

For mortgage programs, the corporation offers a wide variety of Conventional, Alt-A and Sub-Prime products.  These loan products include loans pertaining to Purchase of new homes,  or the Refinance of already owned properties. Beyond their home loan programs, they offer Cash Out loans which can be used to Consolidate Debt. Those with Impaired Credit are also eligible for many of Bay Capital’s loans, as are those who are Self-Employed.

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Offering Over 100 loan product options to the potential borrower, Bay Capital Corp. is able to provide acceptable solutions for almost any lending scenario. Unlike many lending institutes who focus on one area of the mortgage market, Bay Capital Corp. is able to accommodate borrowers’ whose situations are subject to change. This flexibility allows them to accommodate change even during the course of the loan process. This is in stark contrast to a scenario in which a conventional borrower somehow falls behind in payments and needs an Alt-A solution, or perhaps they don’t fit the typical Alt-A guidelines and need something in the sub-prime category and a typical lender would be unable to accept such changes.  Not Bay Capital Corp. they have programs that can see the deal get done.

In addition to the large number of loan programs available, Bay Capital Corp. also has an expedited Underwriting Turnaround policy.  They promise that a loan application will be in by 12,  and then out again by 9 on the East Coast and even less on the West Coast means mortgage brokers, and their borrowers, can get quick answers and close their loans fast. This means that the uncomfortable waiting for approval and loan figures is minimized, and those looking to borrow will have their answers typically on the same day they are asked.

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