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Bank of Oklahoma (BOK)

BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) offers a broad range of financial products and services, including cash management services, mortgage banking, and brokerage and trading services to middle-market and small businesses, financial institutions and retail clients. BOK’s vision is to provide sophisticated nationally competitive products with the personal responsive client service characteristics of a local bank.

Mortgages Offered by BOK

About BOK

Bank of Oklahoma is part of BOK Financial Corporation, which is a financial holding company that offers full service banking in Oklahoma, Dallas and Houston, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Northwest Arkansas, and Denver, Colorado. BOK Financial operates five principal lines of business: Oklahoma corporate banking, Oklahoma consumer banking, mortgage banking, wealth management and regional banking. Mortgage banking activities include loan origination and servicing across all markets served by the Company. Wealth management provides brokerage and trading, private financial services and investment advisory services in all markets. It also provides fiduciary services in all markets except Colorado. Fiduciary services in Colorado are included in regional banking. Regional banking consists primarily of corporate and consumer banking activities in the respective local markets.

Calculated financial results for the fiscal year that ended in December 2005, BOK Financial Corporation’s interest income increased 25% to $769.9M. Net interest income after loan loss provision increased 8% to $436.9M. Net income increased 13% to $201.5M. Net interest income reflects growth in average earning assets funded from increased borrowed funds and deposits, partially offset by increase in interest expense. Net income also reflects higher non-interest income.

BOK’s overall strategic objective is to emphasize growth in long-term value by building on existing market leadership throughout the state of Oklahoma and expanding into high-growth metropolitan areas in the region. Since 2000, over half of BOK loan and deposit growth is from markets outside Oklahoma. Nearly 40% of BOK’s loans and deposits are from markets outside of Oklahoma. Bank of Texas assets of approximately $3.2 billion are centered in the Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas. Since becoming part of the company in 1998, Bank of Albuquerque has grown rapidly to over $1.6 billion in assets. The recent entries into Denver and Phoenix provide ample opportunity for continued asset growth.

BOK’s operating philosophy embraces local decision-making by the boards of directors for each bank subsidiary. By investing in strong local leadership, practicing prudent expense management and striving to grow revenue, BOKF has successfully delivered record earnings for 14 consecutive year.

BOK Address

Bank of Oklahoma Tower
P.O. Box 2300
Tulsa, OK 74192
United States.

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