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ABN AMRO North America

ABN AMRO mortgage is a subsidiary if the larger ABN Amro mortgage group which funds mortgages through the United Sates. With offices in 15 cities, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. has a long-term commitment to the United States, Mexico, and Canada, even though it is a European based bank. Its success in meeting the diversified needs of the North American markets dates back to 1941 when the Dutch bankers opened their first U.S. office, several years before most European banks took interest and followed suit.

Loans Funded by ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO History

ABN AMRO was created by the merger between ABN Bank and Amro Bank on 22 September 1991 in Amsterdam. ABN AMRO incorporated on 29 March 1824, the meeting and details taking place in the Hague. On that day Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (Netherlands Trading Society, NTS) was established by Royal Decree of King Willem I. With effect from 3 October 1964 after the merger with Twentsche Bank, NTS changed her name to Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN Bank). After the merger with Amro Bank in 1991, ABN changed its name to ABN AMRO.

The early investment in trading and banking in the Americas has paid off. The company has shown almost continuous growth, and stands now with more than $414 billion in assets, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the fourteenth largest bank in the world. It has nearly 1900 locations in 71 countries and territories across the globe and has one of the highest ratings by Standard & Poor’s and Moody Investor Services. In addition to its commanding international presence and financial capabilities, the bank has a reputation for strength and stability.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, ABN AMRO now has a fifteen branch network throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. ABN AMRO’s North American headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. ABN AMRO’s North American presence represents $114.1 billion in assets and over 16,000 employees. Major subsidiaries are LaSalle National Corporation ($24.9 billion assets), which includes LaSalle National Bank ($19 billion assets) and LaSalle Bank NA ($5.8 billion assets), and LaSalle Bank FSB ($11.4 billion assets), the largest thrift in Illinois; ABN AMRO Incorporated, a Chicago-based investment banking and securities firm; Standard Federal Bancorporation ($14.9 billion assets, Troy, Michigan); and European American Bank ($10.7 billion assets, New York).

Through these subsidiaries, ABN AMRO provides full-service banking capabilities in the commercial middle market, large corporate market, personal financial services, capital markets/treasury, trust services, retail community banking, and mortgage origination. ABN AMRO also has a number of U.S. specialty groups based in North America providing expertise in areas including foreign exchange, risk management, capital markets, syndications, export finance, project finance, structured finance and cash management. Industries in which the bank has specialized knowledge include aerospace, surface transportation, communications, oil and gas, commodities, and the diamond & jewelry trade.

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