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American Dream Mortgages

Founded in 1998, American Dream Mortgages, Inc. of Pennsylvania  has been growing ever since. The company started as a dream in one man’s living room. Since that tiny beginning, American Dream Mortgages has grown to 36 employees. These employees are trained mortgage consultants to offer clients not only information, but knowledgeable help and guidance through the loan procedure. The management team alone possesses over 25 years of experience in the business.

American Dream Mortgages home office is in Central Pennsylvania.  The location lets them serve their entire client area in Pennsylvania. Loan consultants can work with clients on the clients time schedule and location needs. They can meet at the company office or meet with a client in the comfort of their home.

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American Dream Mortgages provides each client with a personal loan consultant, and each consultant has a large amount of resources available to them to provide clients with the best product available for them.

Loans Funded by American Dream Mortgages

  • Traditional Home Mortgages
  • Purchase Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Refinancing PA Mortgages
  • PA Construction Loans
  • Self Employment programs
  • Investment Properties
  • Raw Land Loans
  • Recreational Property and Hunting Land Loans
  • Farms, including Out Buildings, and Employee Quarters
  • Construction loans on Manufactured Homes

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The American Dream Mortgages Advantgage

Operating in Pennsylvania, American Dream Mortgage Inc. is dedicated to helping people attain the dream of home ownership. As far as mortgage companies go, American Dream appears to be an upstanding citizen of the lending community. Fair lending and consumer complaint avenues both show that American Dream Mortgage Inc. has been a fair player and has treated its clients well, at least well enough to avoid any serious complaints or lawsuits being brought against them. Since they were founded in 1998, the company is a young one by several standards. This hasn’t hurt their popularity, and the company has continued to grow for the eight years since their inception and founding. The small size of the company, only having 36 employees, means that although they are able to provide finance nationally, they are likely to pursue a more local focus. Those living in Pennsylvania, or anyone living in the same state as a mortgage company with a focus on local housing, are likely to benefit from the added knowledge that a company with a state-wide rather than nationwide market. Although not a large enough company to have their actions appear in the national press, or appear on the acquisition radar of the larger mortgage firms, the small size of American Dream Mortgage Inc. can be a blessing. A larger company has a greater stability overall in market fluctuations, but often lags behind smaller companies in customer service and response.

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